“Cross the chasm by targeting a very specific niche market where you can dominate from the outset, force competitors out of that niche, then use it as a base for broader operations.” 

Geoffrey Moore

Marketing & Sales Overview

Customer intimacy is one of the three “value disciplines of market leaders”. Our consulting services under marketing and sales are focused on helping you achieve customer intimacy.

Customer intimate companies don’t just pursue transactions, they cultivate relationships and build loyalty. They make it their business to know what each individual customer wants, and then continually tailor their products and services to satisfy those expectations. They understand their customers sufficiently to address a broader range of customer needs than their competitors.  Therefore, customer intimacy will drive revenue growth and build an expanding base of loyal customers.

We offer two principle area of marketing and sales expertise, which are described in subsequent pages:

Value Based Selling
 - Message Workshop
 - Value Based Methodology
- Tools Development
- Outsourcing/Resource Augmentation
Customer Relationship Management 

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