“Beacon led our internal team through our first BIA. As a direct result of the BIA effort the team was able to grow $300K license upgrade to a $3 million solution expansion.”

Brice Elliott 
VP Supply Chain Management Sales 

Outsourcing/Resource Augmentation

To learn by doing requires an experiences guide…

We learn best by doing. True learning does not take place until you experience the process for yourself. Beacon has experienced VBS practitioners to accompany you on Sales Calls and “Discovery” type engagements. We demonstrate and reinforce the proper execution of the VBS processes and tool usage to reinforce learning and ensure success. 

Why Resource Augmentation?
Help to transform your people to true VBS practitioners. Creating a buzz within the sale team ensuring initial engagements are winners. Pay for the project with the profits from a successful live engagement. Ensure skilled resources are available when they are required to win deals and/or speed the sales process to a successful conclusion. Reduce the number of fulltime practitioners required to support the process. Instill the process with in the culture of your organization

Our Record Speaks for itself
Over 100 successful campaigns 80% + closure rate over 8 years.

Vast industry experience including – High Tech, Heavy Industry, Pharma, CPG, Paper, Auto, Aerospace, Retail,  Oil & Gas, Construction, Furniture, Glass…

Industry recognized value base sale methodology.

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