“By leveraging Beacon’s experience, methods and tools we successfully developed and rolled out our first VBS process in less than 3 months” 

Dan Keelan 
CEO Formation Systems

Value Based Selling

A consultative selling approach that focuses on the customer’s business issues as well as the challenges and value associated with applying your solution towards their resolution.

Value Based Selling (VBS) is not new, Targeted Account Selling, The Complex Sales and others have been around for years. The concepts VBS is built on are not extremely difficult to grasp. Yet companies have an extremely difficult time instilling the process and often fall back into a feature function push or a “spray and pray” process. 

Why the Beacon Approach Succeeds 
Beacon approach to VBS is different in that we take a more holistic approach to the process and realize that Value Based Selling involves more than just the sales team. To execute VBS properly requires that the organization’s cultural to shift to focus more on VALUE. Therefore, the Beacon approach involves:

Developing Effective Messaging that quickly and effectively communicate how your solutions provide value in a manner that differentiates you from the competition.

Enhancing Your Sales Methodology to ensure that your team becomes trusted advisors. Seek to first understand the prospect’s business issues and challenges. Then work to determine the root causes of the issue before you present how your solution resolves the issues and quantify the associated value.

Building Simple Effective Tools that support the process without adding a great deal of complexity to the process. We firmly believe that a simply tool that is utilized effectively is much more powerful than a complex tool that is improperly or rarely applied 

Education and Training that includes the skills and practical knowledge required to understand and properly execute the sales process as well as reinforcing mechanisms (metrics, mentoring and coaching) that insure that the process will be employed in the field

Deploying Skilled Resources into the field to ensure the success of the new process and to coach the teams through the process in the field. 

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