“The tools Beacon worked with us to create helped crystallized the Kronos Retail Value Proposition to our sales team and our customers…”

Charles Dewitt, 
Sr. Marketing Director 
Kronos Corporation

Tools Development

Beacon’s Services Provide a Systemic Approach for the Entire Supply Chain Focusing On RESULTS

Tools are an important element in any successful VBS Implementation. Just as you would not want to send a soldier into battle without the proper equipment you need to provide your sales team with the necessary tools to get the job done. These essential tools include:

Positioning/Messaging statements
Sales presentations
Case Studies
Value Calculators
Analysis tools 
Competitive analysis 
Killer kits

Complexity does not insure success - Millions of dollars have been spent to create very complex and all-encompassing VBS tools that do not require the user to think. These tools do not help the user to gain a gut level understanding of the issues they are designed to analyze and often require reams of data to support. Therefore they quickly fall by the wayside.

Simple elegant tools in the hands of craftsmen that know how to utilize them are often more flexible and effective at providing the information require to win the clients confidence and support for your solution.

Beacon has the template, know-how and experience to guide you through the development of the tools you need to support your VBS process 

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