“More than 70% of a product's final production costs result from decisions made during the design and engineering process…changes not conveyed and implemented at the appropriate time, result in time-to-market delays…”

Aberdeen Group

Product Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management

Product complexity, development cycle times, outsourcing and product liability have put significant demands on managing the Product Life Cycle in general and Product Data specifically.  A number of Computer Aided Design companies have developed solutions that strive to satisfy that need … with varying degrees of success.
Beacon professionals, with their extensive product development                                  domain experience, work with our clients to select and install                                           Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Life Cycle                                   Management (PLM) solutions.

Recommended steps include:

  • Streamline the product development process and product data structure.

  • Facilitate the development of requirements.  Here there needs to be a balance between need to have and nice to have features.  Our experience shows that adding the nice to have features doubles the cost while substantially increasing the risk of failure.

  • Evaluate the various packages and support the negotiation process where appropriate.  The package needs to include the OVERALL System (hardware and network along with software packages).

  • Manage or assist in the management of the overall implementation.  Many Fortune 100 companies have failed here because the best program / project managers are busy working with paying customers.


Suggestion: For additional information see the white paper “Product Life Cycle Management Disciplines of Market Leaders”.

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