“Lean design is an approach that enables a company to design out waste from the process rather than simply tweaking the process…”

Bill Sprague
Design Prophet

Design for Excellence

With 70 – 80% of a product’s cost “locked down” at the end of the design cycle it is critical that the design team utilizes the tools available to design it right the first time. Beacon’s Design for Excellence program insures that the product is designed right it meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation, can be built with high quality, and most importantly can be Manufactured cost effectively. 

The tools that we use to accomplish Design for Excellence include:

Quality Function Deployment – Helping to translate customer needs to product requirements

Design for Six Sigma – Design robust products having high manufactured quality

Design for Manufacturability / Assembly – Product that is easy to manufacture and assemble

Design for Reliability – High reliability. (e.g. Engine designs that don’t need tune-ups)

Design for Serviceability – Easy to service (e.g. Oil changes in 2 minutes without tools)

Design for Ease of Use – Intuitive


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