“Six Sigma gives us just the tool we need for generic management training since it applies as much in a customer service center as it does in a manufacturing environment.”

Jack Welch
General Electric

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a systematic problem solving methodology supported by a set of sophisticated process analysis tools. Six Sigma emphasizes customer-focused thinking and reducing process variability. It enables world-class quality levels. It can also support business process reengineering. Six Sigma was originally developed at Motorola to support manufacturing quality improvement. 

However, as Six Sigma has evolved, it has been successfully applied to a wide range of business processes over a variety of manufacturing and service industries. The core of the Six Sigma methodology is a five step process:


Process analysis tools include: control charts, cause & effect diagrams, process capability & performance, regression analysis, failure mode & effects analysis, and design of experiments. 

Most companies find it desirable to have well-trained Six Sigma experts
(Black Belts) on staff to lead improvement projects. It is important to select 
projects that will have a significant impact on profitability.

We can train your staff in Six Sigma methodology and process analysis tools, and guide your company to selecting and managing effective Six Sigma projects.

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