“Beacon led our internal team through our first Business Improvement Assessment (BIA). As a direct result of the BIA effort the team was able to grow $300K license upgrade to a $3 million solution expansion.”

Brice Elliott 
VP Supply Chain Management Sales 

Bottom Line Results

Beacon engagements are designed to be self funding and are focused on delivering measurable, bottom-line results

At the end of the day RESULTS is what matters!

CPP saves

$30 Million annually in design costs
Over $300 Million in manufacturing costs


Maximizing Space Utilization & Throughput

Assembly are space utilization was reduced by 50%
Product assembly time was reduced by over 30%
Inventory reduced by 30% in 5 months


Executed Business Improvement Assessment 

Closed deal with in 1 1/2 months
Grew deal from $300,000 to $3.0 Million 


Improving Manufacturing Processes

Reduced setup time from 8 hours to less than 1 hour
Delivered $150 Million in annual savings


Successful ERP Implementation 

Provided 98%+ inventory accuracy
Reduced financial closing process from 1 week to 1 day.


Product Development Improved Time to Market/Quality

Reduced new product development time from 18 months to 8 months 
Dropped new product development costs form $18M to $9M
Reduced quality returns from 7% to less than 1% 


Quality Initiatives Reduce Time to Market

Institutionalized concurrent engineering and collocation concepts reducing time to market from 2 years to less than 1 year. 
Quality of embedded computer system software was increased by a order of magnitude through the use of Software Quality Assurance concepts. 


"Time to Resolution" Process Saves Money

Quickly identifies problems, determines root cause, fixes the problem and feeds the information into the product development process to prevent future problems 
Reduced the current problem resolution cycle by 50% and reduced warranty costs significantly.


“Lean Transformation Methodology Drives Productivity improvements

Productivity was improved over 15% within eight months, with improved product quality. 
Program savings topped $2M+ annually.


Increased Profits Through Product Development Improvements 

Over 100% improvement in new product development without increasing engineering staff 
$300 MM in additional profit from additional new products. 


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